After the rough storms in Dallas, people had questions about one particular Dallas police officer.

WFAA-TV was covering the storm damage live in real-time when their anchor directed a reporter and his cameraman to turn into the parking lot of a convenience store that was demolished by a tornado. Upon their arrival, a Dallas police officer was seen carrying a couple of bottles outside of the wreckage.

Facebook user William Long captured the news clip and posted it online.

It's hard to tell exactly what was in the bottles, but being that the demolished building was a liquor store, it's highly likely that it was liquor. On top of that, his reaction to the bright lights pulling into the lot was pretty suspicious and his moves became even more suspicious after he placed the bottles on the ground once he realized it was the crew from WFAA-TV.

Plain and simple, his mannerisms were consistent with someone who had just been busted for doing something they know they shouldn't have been doing.

Are we crazy or was this officer up to no good? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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