We've all been in this position where our favorite football team is playing but one of their best players is either questionable or OUT with an injury that seems rather trivial.

You think to yourself, "How in the world can that guy be out because of that injury? What exactly is that injury and how can it affect him so much that it would cause him to miss the game?"

We've all been there and if you haven't played a ton of sports growing up or at a higher level you probably have no idea just how grueling some of these "trivial" sports injuries can be.

Now, some are more common than others and some are extremely uncommon.

I think the most common yet unknown injury has to be the turf toe injury that normally pops up with football or soccer players. Again, you see the name of the injury and think to yourself, "How can this player hurt their toe just from playing on a turf field!?"

That thought has crossed each one of our minds at some point and you still may not know exactly what it is and how it greatly affects athletes to the point in which they can't perform.

In this article, we'll dive into turf toe along with six other common and not so common injuries that occur during athletics.

Seven Weird Sports Injuries


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