If you're looking for the single worst swing and miss of a pitch in Major League Baseball this season, you've found it.

To no one's surprise, it comes courtesy of the New York Mets.

In case you haven't heard, my favorite baseball team has been struggling this season with an important part of the game. Hitting.

Javier Báez was batting .248 for the Chicago Cubs this season. Then, was traded to the Mets, where is his average is now at .190.

Last night, he gave us another memorable moment in Mets baseball.

In the 2nd inning of a shutout loss last night, Báez got fooled by a changeup.

Sometimes it's not better to be early than late.

Báez actually earned a walk in the at-bat, but no one will remember that part.

Listen, I couldn't hit a major league pitch if my life depended on it....or a college baseball pitch....or a college softball pitch.

I did not go on to earn a walk in that at-bat.

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