So...a couple of weeks ago, Major League Baseball announced Derek Jeter and Larry Walker were voted to enter the Hall of Fame.

Jeter was one vote shy of unanimous.

Now, that really shouldn't have come as a surprise.  Think of all the great players in baseball history.  Only one, Mariano Rivera, was a unanimous choice.  Not Ken Griffey, Jr.  Not Nolan Ryan.  Not Sandy Koufax.

Not even Babe Ruth.

So, I wasn't shocked when Jeter was left off someone's ballot.  But, at the same time, I wondered who the writer was and what his criteria was for leaving Jeter off of his ballot.

But, the writer is choosing to stay anonymous.  And, I'm not a fan.

For the last three years it was in existence, I was a voter in the Harris Poll, one of the polls used to decide the two teams that would play for the BCS National Championship.  I was proud to be in that number and I took the responsibility seriously.  And, each week, I published my Top 25.  Not only did I have nothing to hide, I felt it was my responsibility to show that I was being...well...responsible.

In the cynical society we live in today, look how many fans believe sports is rigged.  Part of the reason that is a growing opinion is because administrators and officials don't have to explain anything.  They make their calls.  They make their decisions.  And, then they go away.

It should be noted the Baseball Writers actually voted to make the ballots public mandatory.  But the Hall said no, saying it should be voluntary.

Now, whoever didn't vote for Jeter would, I'm sure, face plenty of criticism if his ballot was made public.  But he has the privilege of the vote.

We should have the right to an explanation.

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