Eagles offensive tackle Jordan Mailata was drafted in 2018. He was a former rugby stud in Australia who made plays like these.

He warmed up barefoot in East Rutherford before Philly's game against the Giants. In 37 degree weather...

When a Jets defender took a late shot at Jalen Hurts, Jordan Mailata ran up like a bouncer ready to protect his quarterback, towering over the offending linebacker.

And after Cowboys defender Micah Parsons made comments downplaying Hurts' talent, asserting he shouldn't be an MVP candidate, Mailata had this to say.

(Warning: Severe Language)

So Mailata is a tough, hardnosed guy and one of the top tackles in the league right now. He's a Pro Bowl candidate, just an absolutely monstrously built human.

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This is also Jordan Mailata.

This is Jordan Mailata on the Masked Singer (eat your heart out Tom Brady).

And finally, Jordan Mailata at the Eagles' holiday party last night.

Some people just get all the talent.

How is it fair that this muscle-bound human battering ram who'll more likely than not be playing in the Super Bowl this year also has an angelic singing voice?

I sometimes struggle to fold my clothes without creasing them.

I'm not the only one impressed either.

I agree.

Golic has a point, you wouldn't see a safety doing this.

Mailata out here getting comped to Jason Peters AND Luther Vandross.

That's versatility.

I know that put me in the Christmas spirit. Now let's go play football.

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