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Today was a special day in two separate years for the city of Boston and the organization that is the Boston Red Sox.

First, on this day in 1912, the iconic stadium that is Fenway Park officially opened for business and it's currently the oldest stadium in Major League Baseball.

The Red Sox, of course, played New York on that day 108 years ago but they weren't playing the Yankees they were playing the New York Highlanders.

Boston beat the Highlanders on that day 7-6 in extra innings. The team would go onto win the World Series that season defeating New York's other team, the Giants in the series 4-3 with CF Tris Speaker being named the MVP.

In addition, we skip ahead to 1939 where a young 20-year-old named Ted Williams made his Major League debut for the Boston Red Sox.

During his debut, 79 years ago today he went 1 for 4 with two strikeouts with the Red Sox downing the Yankees 2-0.

Williams would go onto to become arguably the greatest hitter who ever lived where he hit for a .344 average in his career including hitting .406 in 1941 at the ripe age of 22.

Overall, Williams spent his entire 19-year career in Boston where he racked up 2,654 hits, 521 home runs, 1,798 runs scored, drove in 1,839 runs and his on-base percentage was an astounding .482.

Here's a quick video from the Boston Red Sox on YouTube detailing the iconic "red seat" at Fenway Park:


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