ESPN's docuseries The Last Dance, focused on the 1998 Chicago Bulls and all that led up to the championship season, continues to draw in huge viewership numbers on Sunday night, as sports fans are jonesing for a sports fix.

Episodes 3 and 4 aired last night, with a focus on Dennis Rodman for a large portion of it.

When Scottie Pippen returned to the team from injury/contract dispute, Rodman asked Bulls coach Phil Jackson for a vacation.

Despite Michael Jordan's wishes, Jackson granted Rodman's request, but for only 48 hours.

Rodman went to Las Vegas, and as the documentary highlighted, partied hard with his famous girlfriend at the time Carmen Electra, and a group of party-goers.

The 48 hours came and went, and Rodman had still not reported back to the team.

Jordan decided to go get Rodman himself.

The documentary made it seem as if Rodman was still in Vegas, and Jordan flew there to get him.

However, director Jason Hehir appeared on ESPN’s Jalen & Jacoby Aftershow, clearing up the misconception.

Rodman did stay in Vegas longer than 48 hours but had returned to Chicago, just not to the Bulls.

Hehir explained Rodman's apartment was across from the United Center (home of the Bulls), and Jordan crossed the street to fetch Rodman out of bed and get him back to practice.

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