As temperatures slowly begin to "warm up" across much of South Louisiana today and in the days ahead, there is a serious threat overhead.

While you may begin to journey from the house you have been in for days, I want to be aware of the threat of falling icicles. 

As things begin to thaw out, the icicles hanging from your home or buildings will begin to give way and start to fall. Please avoid walking under areas that may have this serious threat hanging over you.

We've already seen ice falling from homes and trees today, thus you will want to avoid walking near or under them.


Having an icicle stab you as it falls can not only be very painful, but very dangerous. So please, be aware of your surroundings today and keep an eye overhead.

Another potential threat out there today and tomorrow is the sidewalks or parking lots that are glazed over in ice. Please take your time when walking across these hard surfaces as ice has accumulated in some spots.

Stay safe and continue to check back here for any future updates, and be sure to download this station's mobile app.


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