If there's anything that sets basketball apart from the other major professional sports, it's the personalities that are allowed to show through in the game.

All-time greats like LeBron, Jordan, KD, Iverson, and others are remembered not just for their play, but for their attitudes, the way they address the media, other players, and the game itself.

We may have another all-time personality in the young up-and-comer from France, Victor Wembanyama (try saying that 5 times fast).


That's the kind of confidence you want from a projected number one overall. It's just such a hard statement man. And people have absolutely taken notice.

"If I had never been born"... Dude has that "it's my destiny to be number one" vibe about him. Real Super-Saiyan energy.

And Wembanyama isn't all talk either.

This kid has center size and guard mobility.

As the league moves ever closer to "positionless basketball", someone like Wembanyama would be an absolute luxury. Oh, and did I mention he's 18?

But don't discount Scoot Henderson, at whom Wenbanyama's comments were directed. It's very clear in the interview that Wenby was meaning to praise Scoot's play, and it's clear to see why.

Henderson plays for the G-League Ignite team, which is famous for having some of the NBA's most promising young players as former members, including Jalen Green, Jonathan Kuminga, and Dyson Daniels.

He will surely be added to that list after this season.

Put simply, both players performed incredibly well when matched up best-on-best. This draft will certainly be an interesting one, as these two prospects look so good that tanking will almost certainly become a problem this season.

I mean when your number one pick is making comments like that, teams are going to desire that kind of competitive confidence.

Hey wait, don't the Pelicans still have a Lakers first rounder?

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