Mike Leach always knew how to win. He also knew that sometimes winning was about more than just outplaying your opponents. Sometimes, it's about out-smarting them too.

This is just the most pure Mike Leach gold ever. Between hilarious interviews and revolutionizing the game of football, we would get these rare moments where both the mischief and mastery would combine to create magic.

But it's worth mentioning how actually effective this strategy actually was.

10 minutes in to the first quarter, Leach's Sooners were up 17-0 over the heavily favored Longhorns. As soon as Texas' coaches dumped the fake play sheet, they ran away with the game, winning 38-28.

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Which means that for a significant amount of time, Mike Leach's gambit was the winning factor in the game.

Per ESPN, the Pirate's only comment on the trick was, "It was a decent effort, but it would be even more legendary if we had won the sucker."

Was it shady? Yes.

Was it funny? Heck yeah.

Was it perfectly Mike Leach? Abso-lutely.

Pirates occasionally have to rely on skullduggery to get ahead, and Mike Leach was a pirate through and through.

(Bonus Awesome Mike Leach thing: Mississippi State has confirmed they will still play in the ReliaQuest Bowl in Raymond-James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which features a pirate ship.

Miss State interim AD Bracky Brett told ESPN, "It's only fitting that we play this game and honor Coach Leach in a stadium that has a pirate ship.")

Rest in Peace, Pirate.

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