Louisiana Tech's beloved bulldog mascot, aptly named Tech XX, has gone missing. Has he been stolen? Or did he run away?

According to the Sexton Animal Health Center in Ruston, Tech XX went missing last night.


 Please help us find this dog. He was last seen at 1628 E. Kentucky Ave. Ruston Louisiana. He has been missing since 8pm yesterday. He was let out to go to the bathroom and was gone when they came back 5 minutes later. There is a $1000 reward for his safe return. Please contact Sexton Animal Health Center if you have any news about this dog. (318) 251-8283

Help Find Tech XX

Rather than make a Louisiana Tech joke, I sincerely hope this dog is found. Apparently he's been microchipped, so that should help with the search. Could there could be foul play? My guess is that Tech XX is probably let out to the bathroom often. Maybe he simply ran away. Either way, let's hope this dog returns home safely.

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