When it comes to Louisiana football there are 4 teams that everyone thinks of. Those 4 are the Saints, LSU, UL, and Louisiana Tech. Well, the Cajuns are looking to restore a classic rivalry with the LA Tech Bulldogs.

Louisiana is set to face LA Tech on September 26, 2026, in Ruston Louisiana. The Bulldogs will then return the favor and travel to Cajun Field on September 8th, 2029.

The Cajuns do have a history with the Bulldogs as the Cajuns faced them a total of 87 times since 1915. However, sadly enough the Cajuns are on the losing side of the matchup. The Cajuns have a record of 33-48-1 when facing the Bulldogs. Yet, this is a different Cajuns squad and quite frankly a different Cajuns cULture. Louisiana Tech hasn't faced the new cULture of UL that Dr. Bryan Maggard and former head coach Billy Napier built that is being carried over to Coach Desormeaux. The Bulldogs aren't ready for what the Cajuns have in store.

Cajuns' fans should be excited for this classic rivalry to be restored. The only issue is we have to wait until 2026. Hopefully, this can be the start of something that becomes yearly or bi-yearly.

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