Mailing things in Texas isn't a hard thing to do is it?

Especially in the day and age we live in. It's easier than ever to send items to anyone with all the shopping options available to us. Certainly makes it easier to send gifts after all.

But we've all looked at an item at a store or in our house and simply wondered "can we send that to someone?" It could be a very fragile item, or something that's rather larger than expected, like a piece of furniture. Regardless of what the item is, trying to find out what you can send is easier also.

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The internet certainly helps us out with the those larger or smaller items. But...there's still things one in Texas can't necessarily send for various reasons. Why you ask? Well they're illegal.

Wait, There Are Illegal Items You Can't Send In Texas?

Yes, not everything is mailable in the Lone Star State. For most of us, some of these items might be something we've never thought of mailing. But as with most warnings on certain items, the warning exists because somebody has tried it before, and they don't want somebody to repeat the mistake.

Here's six items in Texas you should never mail, with the list provided by USPS.

ALERT: Be Smart, Don't Mail These Six Illegal Items In Texas

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