Not only could smoking kill you, but it's also crazy expensive. Here's the real cost of being a smoker in Louisiana.

How much does being a smoker cost in Louisiana?

Quitting smoking is the hardest thing I've ever done. We all know that smoking can cost you your life, but what else will it cost you? For a long time, it cost me my self-respect! I finally quit after decades of smoking using Chantix. I refuse to let these damn things rule my life, especially while watching my ex-husband battle cancer.

What is the financial cost of smoking in Louisiana?

When I saw this study from pop up in my inbox this morning, I knew I had to share this information. The amount is truly obscene. Did you know that smoking costs the average Louisiana resident $3,003,211 over a lifetime? Truth! And I don't know about you, I'm already having a hard time making ends meet, much less burning $3 million I don't have!!!

Source: WalletHub

When I think of all of the money I've wasted over the years, it makes me SICK! estimates that there are 28.3 million tobacco users in the United States. Can you imagine what those costs are on an annual basis for the entire country? Insane! The metrics were derived by looking at the out-of-pocket cost of smoking, loss of financial opportunities, the cost of health care, the cost of lost income, etc... With all of that in mind, here are's conclusions regarding the real cost of smoking in Louisiana.

The Financial Cost of Smoking in Louisiana (1=Lowest, 25=Avg.):

  • Out-of-Pocket Cost Per Smoker – $126,144 (Rank: 43rd)

  • Financial-Opportunity Cost Per Smoker – $2,246,935 (Rank: 43rd)

  • Health-Care Cost Per Smoker – $151,108 (Rank: 43rd)

  • Income Loss Per Smoker – $462,853 (Rank: 48th)

  • Other Costs Per Smoker – $16,170 (Rank: 11th)

  • Total Cost Over Lifetime Per Smoker: $3,003,211

  • Total Cost per Year Per Smoker: $62,567

If those numbers don't scare the crap out of you as a smoker, something is wrong! If you're a Louisiana resident and you'd like help to quit smoking, visit Good luck, I'm rooting for you!


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