The Christmas Grinch got himself stuck in a tough situation while flying over parts of Evangeline Parish.

Shaun Hayden has been flying for years and one of his latest forms of entertainment is to dress up the Grinch for Christmas and entertain those below.

Families across much of South Louisiana have seen Shaun fly over while dressed as the Grinch, but recently the Grinch got himself stuck in a scary situation

While Shaun was preparing to wrap up his latest flyover in Vidrine, Louisiana (Near Mamou) he felt the motor of his apparatus sputter and he knew that he was running out of fuel.

Shaun Hayden
Shaun Hayden

With power lines on both sides of him, Shaun said he just hoped to escape without incident, but seconds before clearing the power lines he went down and that is when he got tangled in the wires running across the highway.

Hayden says that he felt the electricity go through his body, but apparently, the electricity exited his body, only causing pain in his legs.

The Grinch was reportedly stuck upside down in the power lines for about an hour, but he was able to be lowered back to the ground by the Fire Department once power was cut in the lines where he was tangled.

Hayden says that while this was the scariest moment while flying, it will not slow him down and that's a good thing as so many wait every year to see the Grinch fly by.

Here's the scary moment the Grinch struck the power lines as he ran out of fuel.

While suspended above ground, Hayden was able to snap a few photos and videos of his situation. You can see firefighters down below waiting for the power to be cut so that they could begin their rescue efforts.


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