Louisiana is known for its hot and humid summers, but some years stand out for their extreme temperatures. These record-breaking summers have left a lasting impression on residents and visitors alike. Here's a look at the 10 hottest summers on record in Louisiana, showcasing the years when the heat was truly unforgettable.

10. Summer of 2010
Average Temperature: 82.6°F
The summer of 2010 was marked by prolonged heat waves and high humidity levels. This summer was notable for frequent 100°F days and little relief in the form of rain.

9. Summer of 1980
Average Temperature: 82.7°F
Known as one of the hottest summers in the 20th century, 1980 saw relentless heat, particularly in July and August, with many regions experiencing severe drought conditions.

8. Summer of 2018
Average Temperature: 82.9°F
The summer of 2018 was characterized by extended periods of high temperatures and limited rainfall. The heat index frequently soared, making outdoor activities challenging.

7. Summer of 2016
Average Temperature: 83.0°F
The summer of 2016 brought record-breaking temperatures to many parts of Louisiana. The intense heat led to widespread stress on both infrastructure and the population.

6. Summer of 1954
Average Temperature: 83.1°F
The summer of 1954 remains one of the hottest on record due to prolonged heat waves. It was a significant year for agriculture, as the intense heat affected crop yields across the state.

5. Summer of 1998
Average Temperature: 83.3°F
Known for its extreme temperatures, the summer of 1998 saw numerous days exceeding 100°F. The heat was compounded by high humidity, making it one of the most uncomfortable summers.

4. Summer of 2011
Average Temperature: 83.5°F
The summer of 2011 was exceptionally hot and dry. The lack of rainfall and high temperatures led to significant water usage restrictions and agricultural impacts.

3. Summer of 1936
Average Temperature: 83.7°F
During the Dust Bowl era, the summer of 1936 was particularly brutal in Louisiana. The combination of high temperatures and drought conditions made it a historically challenging season.

2. Summer of 2019
Average Temperature: 83.9°F
Recent years have seen some of the hottest summers on record, and 2019 was no exception. The relentless heat was a significant topic of concern, impacting health and daily life.

1. Summer of 2020
Average Temperature: 84.2°F
The hottest summer on record in Louisiana was in 2020. This summer was marked by unprecedented heat waves, with several regions experiencing record highs and prolonged periods of extreme temperatures.
Louisiana's summers are famously hot, but these ten stand out for their extreme temperatures and memorable heat waves. Understanding and preparing for such extreme weather is crucial as we face an increasingly warm climate. Always stay hydrated, seek shade, and be mindful of the heat during Louisiana's hottest months.

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