For nearly a quarter of a century, ESPN Lafayette has been your home for 24/7 sports on the AM dial at 1420.

Now, it's coming to you on the FM dial too.

Listen to ESPN Lafayette at 103.3 FM.

The station will remain on ESPN 1420 am, and of course, stream online via the website and app.

In addition to coming to the FM today, ESPN Lafayette also unveils a new lineup of shows.

From 6 am to 7 am, sports fans in and around Acadiana will hear Rise and Grind, with Lyn Burton.

Lyn will tackle the world of sports, interview guests both locally and nationally, take your phone calls and inject entertaining sports talk from the speaker to your eardrums. I will join Lyn periodically on the show as well.

I will continue to host the Great S.C.O.T.T. Show from 7 to 9 each morning, then will be followed by an Emmy-Award Winner.

For the first time since he departed ESPN over 14 years ago, Dan Patrick returns to ESPN Lafayette.

The Dan Patrick Show will air from 9 to noon every weekday.

Dan and the "Danettes" bring their own unique coverage of sports, current events, and entertainment.

Following The Dan Patrick Show, award-winning host Rich Eisen hits the ESPN Lafayette airwaves from noon to 3.

The Rich Eisen Show brings you the perfect mix of sports analysis with pop culture, humor, and interviews.

Top's Take with Brad Topham moves back one hour to 3:00.

It's the best ticket in sports, ESPN Lafayette.

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