Erath High School has announced a new policy for its home football games when it comes to kids attending games.

In a Facebook post, the school announced, "No students in grades 8th and under can attend Erath High school games unless they are accompanied by an adult. Students 8th grade and under can not attend with a high school student."

While this may come as a shock to some, a number of schools and school districts have adopted such policies this year.

Erath High also announced in the post, "All students must be seated in the stands at all times unless going to the restroom or to get concessions."

The school will not allow congregating in the stadium either and all students from Erath High will have to present their school ID to enter the reserved seating for them in the stadium.

Here's the school's full statement from Facebook.


The comment section on this post was disabled by the administrators of this page. Still, a number of people who shared this post do not agree with this policy and some are asking why such has been implemented.

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