Do you remember the popular alternative football league known as the Arena League or the AFL? The AFL was a popular unconventional football ball league that was active for 22 seasons that included 13 teams. The league began in 1987 and was considered successful until internal issues forced the league to shut down in 2009. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the AFL is officially coming back.

The AFL is planning to make its return in 2024 but no official date was given yet. The AFL originally had 13 teams across the country. New Orleans was one of the cities that played host to an AFL team and they were known as the VooDoo.

New Orleans VooDoo v New York Dragons
Mike Stobe

The Voodoo was relatively new before the league shut down as they came in as an expansion team in 2004. While the league has announced that they plan on coming back with 16 teams playing weekly, it has not been decided which 16 cities will play host to these teams. Here is the official press release with AFL’s plans to return.

The unconventional league was popular for 22 seasons and gave football fans something to look forward to while the NFL and college football were in their off-seasons. In AFL, teams were not allowed to punt and were forced to go first downs, field goals, or touchdowns. The field was only 185 ft long and 85 ft wide which meant each team could only put eight players on the field at a time.

ArenaBowl XXIV - Jacksonville Sharks v Arizona Rattlers
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The AFL had a loyal fan base for years and those who remember the league are excited about its return.

The league wasted no time at all in making its first big attempt to bring in some new viewers.

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