There's one genre of movies that will stand the test of time and that is sports films. We've seen so many iconic sports films throughout the years from Rocky to Moneyball to Blue Chips to He Got Game to The Longest Yard to name a few. But there's one iconic basketball film that has been rebooted and that's White Men Cant Jump.

White Men Cant Jump was a 1992 film starring Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. The reboot is starring rapper Jack Harlow and actor Sinqua Walls. The trailer was released today and I have to say it doesn't look bad.

At first, I didn't think rapper Jack Harlow could pull off the role; however, Harlow went and got training from NBA trainer LethalShooter and put in the time to make the film right. Hopefully, his best jokes aren't all in the trailer. But this movie for me will live or die on how good the basketball play is. If the play is good, then I feel many will get behind the film.

The film will release on Hulu, on May 19th. Will you watch the upcoming reboot?

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