Youth sports is full of funny mistakes. Players run the wrong way, run into each other and do silly things all the time. They're kids. They're not perfect.

Coaching small children is an adventure. When they listen and learn, it's an incredibly rewarding endeavor. Sometimes though, the coach has to go the extra mile to make sure the players learn a lesson.

When this youth basketball coach saw his team about to score on their own basket, he took matters into his own hands...

REJECTED. That's one way to make sure your team doesn't score on the wrong basket.

I'm not sure what the best part about this video is. Is it the parent screaming "NO NO NO" in the background, the coach swatting his own player's shot or the confused small child who has no idea what just happened?

Poor #2 was just trying to take the ball to the hole. Unfortunately for the little guy, he didn't realize why there was nobody trying to defend him. That game must have been important because coach wasn't having it.

Some coaches would have let the player put the shot up and teach them the lesson in the next timeout, but not our man Blocks McGee. He flew off the bench and destroyed that shot like Mutombo.

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