Warriors forward Draymond Green has been known throughout his entire collegiate and professional career to be an aggressive player. Green has been in plenty of confrontations over the years. Well yesterday according to Shams Charania Draymond Green got into an altercation with teammate Jordan Poole

Green and Poole got into a shouting match at practice before that turned into shoving before soon Green punched Poole in his chest. Poole did not get injured from the said punch. After the altercation, Poole proceeded to continue his workout. The Warriors organization is considering some sort of punishment for Green.

However, according to Yahoo's Chris Haynes, this altercation between Green and Poole had been building up for some time over a change in attitude that Poole showed due to an upcoming new contract. Draymond Green did apologize to the team afterward. However veteran Andre Iguodala added that this is the Warriors' family business and that Jordan Poole is a great kid so the media shouldn't paint him any type of way.

Social Media's Reaction To The Draymond Green Jordan Poole Altercation

If it is true that this altercation was started due to a change in attitude by Jordan Poole then that is a real problem for the Warriors that needs to be fixed. It makes sense that the leader of the team Green did something. Should he have hit him probably not but in those heated moments I get how that's possible. However, if that isn't the case then Green is totally in the wrong. Either way, the Warriors need to nip this in the bud before October 18th. But if they cant better for the Pelicans.

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