For the past two years, Raising Canes have really picked up its marketing and they have used different influencers, athletes, actors, and musicians to get people to want chicken tenders. Well, they are now partnering with Tyrann Mathieu and his charity to give back to the community.

Tyrann Mathieu was seen working in the drive-through of Canes today in Metairie. And Canes has promised that they will donate 15% of net sales to Mathieu's charity.

I will say Canes is missing a promotional moment with Mathieu because they should've added a new HONEY Badger Sauce to the menu for the day. Now I do know on their "secret" menu Canes does have honey mustard, but cmon the opportunity is there to test out some new sauce. And to be honest, Canes could use other sauces or maybe even a spicy tender.

But good on Canes for partnering with Mathieu's charity whose goal is to make an impact in the lives of low-income children through encouragement, opportunities, and resources to achieve their dreams. That is such an amazing goal to have as a charity and Mathieu saw firsthand how less fortunate kids in New Orleans are treated.

Mathieu will be back in New Orleans this season with the Saints and will take the field for game one on September 10th against the Titans.

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