Ok, guys...who are the 50 sexiest celebrity women, who are actually sports fans?

Timothy Rapp, of bleacherreport.com gives his list.

You'll agree with some, and disagree with others, but you'll most certainly enjoy your trip through the rankings.


Dodger fan, and baseball author, Alyssa Milano

First off, I think Alyssa Milano is WAY too low! I mean, besides the obvious, she actually wrote a baseball book...and a good one! And, she played in one of the top ten television shows of all-time; "Romantically Challenged". Ok, so nobody watched it but me...but great show!

I always thought Kournikova was overrated. I have no plans to watch her in "The Biggest Loser".

Great list but couldn't they have found a better pic of Erin Andrews?


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