The NFL has become so big that fans are waiting for the NFL schedule to release like an album release. Well, they won't have to wait much longer as it was announced today that the NFL schedule will release this Thursday.

The NFL will do a schedule release tv program on NFL Network. The Saints will have multiple players as guests for this event including Tyrann Mathieu, Cam Jordan, and Mark Ingram.

The Schedule will have some changes which is why fans feel it took so long to announce. The NFL will have Black Friday games, the games don't belong to a specific network anymore and they are free agents, teams can play on Thursday night twice, and not all teams are guaranteed a primetime spot. These changes are very interesting and I know Kirk Cousins is praying that he doesn't have to play in a primetime spot this upcoming season.

Hopefully, the Saints don't have two Thursday night games. At first, I was like why should I watch the schedule release but now with all of these changes, if you're a Saints fan you now have to watch.

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