The NBA is a very vocal league when it comes to issues in the world. Whether that's the players, owners, or coaches the league will speak its mind, unlike the NFL. One coach that has been very vocal about the issues in the world is Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich.

Well, in his final pre-game presser of the season, Popovich used the final ten minutes of said presser to call out US Legislators for lack of action after the multitude of public mass shootings.

Whether you agree with Popovich or not, there's one thing that we can all respect and that is the lack of fear to speak his mind. In this age of social media and cancel culture many individuals lack the confidence to speak their minds; however, Gregg Popovich is not one of those individuals.

However, as Popovich gets older I don't know how many more speeches like this he will have left as an NBA coach. With the team in rebuilding mode, the future of Popovich is uncertain. We need to appreciate the legendary coach for as long as we have him.

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