When it comes to WWE and Wrestlemania it's arguably the biggest crossover event between Sports and Entertainment. Especially this year since Wrestlemania 39 took place in Los Angeles this past weekend and it was star-studded. Logan Paul returned to wrestle Seth Rollins, Pat McAfee, and 49ers tight end George Kittle took out the Miz, and pop superstar Bad Bunny helped Rey Mysterio defeat Dominik Mysterio. But there was one star who saved Wrestlemania and that was none other than LA's own Snoop Dogg the rapper, icon, and legend.

On day 2, Wrestlemania had a segment where Snoop and The Miz came out to argue about night 1. Miz didn't appreciate that Snoop had McAfee and Kittle waiting to beat him up. Snoop then says do you want to get beat up again and calls out Shane McMahon. In typical McMahon fashion Shane-o came out and after one move tore his quad. At that moment Wrestlemania was in jeopardy of falling off the rails. However Snoop Dogg improvised beating up the Miz and dropping the people's elbow for the win.

For Snoop Dogg to improvise that moment with no real wrestling experience prior, just shows the caliber of entertainer Snoop Dogg is. He saved Wrestlemania with the Dogg Pound Elbow heard around the world.

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