Will he really be though?

An AP reporter was overheard on a "hot mic" dissing the new football coach of the Florida Gators, Billy Napier.

Mark Long, who is a reporter for the Associated Press, was heard telling another reporter, "I don’t give a f#@k, I’ll be here longer than Billy Napier. I can guarantee that.”

Apparently Long was in conversation with a colleague while awaiting Napier, but what he did not take into consideration was the microphone that was on at the podium.

His comments were picked up on the mic and now some are suggesting that the University of Florida ban him from any future pressers.


For the record, Coach Billy Napier is currently 4-4 as the head coach of the Gators this year.

Here's the audio of the reporter making the comments about the former Cajuns coach. I will warn you that some may find the language here to be offensive.



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