Quarterback Patrick Mahomes has had very few problems off the field personally. However, all of his issues come from his family members, whether it's Jackson Mahomes and his legal issues or his wife Brittany Mahomes.

Well, Brittany Mahomes is back in hot water. PETA went after Brittany Mahomes after she was seen taking a picture with a dolphin on her vacation.

I actually saw Brittany Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes at the start of their vacation last week in Las Vegas. They were with Travis Kelce and comedian Andrew Santino. In my opinion, this is unnecessary by PETA. This is just them attacking someone close to the most famous football player to get attention to their organization but in my opinion this makes their organization look bad.

Social Media's Reaction To PETA & Brittany Mahomes

Crazy to see the internet side with Brittany Mahomes, I didn't expect myself to side with her either but PETA is just ridiculous. Hopefully, Mahomes can make it to the season without any more problems with his family.

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