If you're going to be traveling towards the gulf coast in the weeks or months ahead you may want to pack some food.

Having been to the gulf coast for many years I have learned that you can save a lot of money when you cook for yourself while on vacation.

Sure, it's always fun to "eat out" but the amount of money you can save is unbelievable when you cook from your house or condo. Well, in 2021 if you pack your own food prior to your beach trip you may save more than just money.

A friend of mine works along the Emerald Gulf Coast and he recently told me that restaurants along the coast are severely understaffed.

Like many local establishments, they too in Florida are looking for employees, and right now restaurants are struggling to accommodate guests.

If you go into a restaurant while on vacation in Florida this summer, you should expect at least a two-hour wait. Yes, it may take that long to be seated in some cases.

So with that said, I am encouraging you to prepare ahead of your trip and plan to cook for yourself and the family if you want to save time while on vacation.

Disclaimer here, no I am not discouraging you from visiting any of the local places along the coast, but if you do, wait times will be longer than usual.

You've been warned.


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