Six-year-old Jackson Aguirre and his five-year-old sister Alanna were pretty thrilled to have been chosen to throw out the first pitch at a recent Arizona Diamondbacks game. Which isn’t surprising, as that honor is usually reserved for luminaries, not a couple kids in elementary school.

Right before their big moment the stadium’s JumboTron displayed a video message from their dad, a soldier stationed in Afghanistan. 

“I love you guys so much. I’m sorry I’m not gonna be with you when you throw your first pitch, but I’ll see you very soon,” said Lt. Col. Paul Aguirre of the 161st Air National Guard.

As you will see, dad wasn’t kidding when he said he would be seeing them very soon.

Using the catcher’s mask as a disguise, Aguirre actually catches the first pitches his kids throw. And when he takes off the mask, that’s when things get emotional.

“I ran up and was like, ‘You’re here!’” Jackson said happily.

While any kind of surprise soldier homecoming video is a joy to watch, kudos to Aguirre and the Arizona Diamondbacks for making such an original one.

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