He's back y'all. Last week we reported to you of a massive alligator located by the Golden Nugget who was walking across the road stopping traffic. The video went viral on Facebook.

The alligator is huge. He is estimated to be at least 10-12 feet. Well, he is back at it again. This time he decided to graze on the grass by the road at the Golden Nugget's golf course.


A vehicle stopped right in front of the alligator and started filming. In the video, you will see just how massive this beast really is. Is it the same gator as the one who stopped traffic last week?

We can't confirm or deny that it but we can confirm there is a massive dinosaur roaming around the Golden Nugget golf course. Here is the video of the Gator at it again. You won't believe how big this dude really is.

That dude is huge, right? It seems like he only comes out in the evening time. If this is not the same alligator that was spotted last week holding up traffic in Lake Charles then we have got two big beasts on our hands.

Either way, if you are driving by the Golden Nugget golf course anytime after it starts to get dark, you may just encounter this beast or if in case there are two of them, you might just see a pack of dinosaurs.

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