If someone suggested an 80% chance of success rate, regardless of the topic, most would probably be happy with that. But when it comes to marriage in the State of Louisiana, that 80% is about the rate of successful marriages. In other words, in Louisiana, almost 20% of the people who get married, ends in divorce.

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Who Has The Highest Divorce Rate In The United States? In a recent study conducted by divorce experts at Texas Divorce Laws, using data from the United States Census Bureau, it was disclosed that Washington D.C. leads the nation with a divorce rate of 20.85%

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Just consider the reality of that number. It means that just over one of every five marriages in the nation's capital will end in divorce.  Sobering isn't it? The numbers are based on the number of divorced people in the area compared to people who are married.

New Mexico ranks second on the list with 19.75 % And sadly, two-thirds of the ArkLaTex are top contenders in this research as Arkansas is ranked 5th with 18.75% and Louisiana is eighth with 18.37%.

Top Ten States With Highest Divorce Rates In The United States

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From Texas Divorce Laws

Texas Divorce Laws show these states to have the Top Ten highest divorce rates. From Texas Divorce Laws A spokesperson for Texas Divorce Laws commented on the findings: “The data shows how the size of the married population is not necessarily directly proportional to the divorce rate. In fact, in states where there is a lower amount of people who have been married or are still married, the divorce rate can be higher. Therefore, the most marriages in a state does not necessarily mean the most divorces”.

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