The world of sports is evolving. With social media more prevalent than ever where the pressure to be "on" all the time is there equipping yourself with the knowledge of how to handle being an athlete in these times is crucial.

Meet, Athlete Brandguard, the playbook for career protection to high school, college, and pro athletes.

This is how athletes navigate the landscape of growing media, everyone having social media, how to answer reporters questions, how to handle certain situations, and so much more. In addition, other topics covered are success and failure, fame and money, social activism, mental health, drugs/PEDs, avoiding trouble with the law, and sidestepping the traps.

This is a tell-all course from guys with tons of experience.

First, is Marc Watts who's a distinguished network TV correspondent who loves teaching reporters how to properly report.

Next, is Eric Davis a Super Bowl Champion with the San Fransisco 49ers and who joins me on a weekly basis on The Word With G.

Thursday, we spent some time talking more about Athlete Brandguard and all the advantages it can bring to a young or professional level athlete. This content is also great for parents and coaches to gain more knowledge as well, as they say, knowledge is POWER and Athlete Brandguard brings it.

Check it out here to learn, even more, do it now, and thank me later.


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