When you think of Louisiana there are a couple of people who just come to mind, such as Shaq, Peyton Manning Louis Armstrong, and Britney Spears. But there's one who may be just as famous if not more famous than those listed and that's hip hop/rap GOAT Lil Wayne. Wayne is considered by many the greatest rapper of all time and with that title comes respect. Wayne is extremely respected in the sports world for his knowledge and fandom. During the Women's Final Four Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi invited Lil Wayne on their show and he got caught smoking.

Now Wayne doesn't admit to smoking and claims ignorance; however, Bird and Taurasi weren't going to ignore the smoke passing his face. Both Bird and Taurasi said they are in the wrong box and basically they wanted a hit.

I love the honesty of both Taurasi and Bird showing a different side to them. At that moment they became even more personable. And I know they made Wayne more comfortable. But the real thing is that Lil Wayne has reached Snoop Dogg status and can smoke anywhere.

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