We've heard and seen some weird things in the sports world. But to play a professional sport with your parent's ex-boyfriend or girlfriend has to be uncomfortable. Well, Lakers Scottie Pippen Jr is about to go through this very thing as the Lakers made a trade for D'Angelo Russell, Jarred Vanderbilt, and his mom's ex Malik Beasley.

This has to be an awkward situation for both players. I don't even know how I would approach the situation, but I will say being direct and just getting it over with might be for the best. But you know social media had a field day with this topic.

Social Media Reacts To Scottie Pippen Jr & Malik Beasley

This will be something I will be watching going forward to see if this messes with the Lakers' chemistry. They already had issues with Anthony Davis, they don't need any more. Well if you're a Pelicans fan you want turmoil so the draft pick we have from them is a good pick. So whether this breads chaos or not I'm invested.

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