We love celebrities in Texas but some love them... a little too much. Some people gain an unhealthy obsessions with celebrities & usually it ends up backfiring on them. Celebrities like John Lennon, Taylor Swift & Shakira all have had run ins with stalkers and the one thing they've had in common? All of their stalkers have all come from Texas.

One of Taylor Swift's stalkers came from Austin, Texas

In 2016, Frank Andrew Hoover was arrested in Austin, Texas after stalking Taylor Swift once she finished her concert at the Austin Formula Grand Prix. She performed for over 80,000 fans, Frank being one of them. He followed within 50 feet to Taylor's car before her bodyguards got to him. He said he wanted a photo & "possibly accompany Taylor wherever she goes". Frank was sentenced to 10 years probation in 2018.

Shakira had a stalker from El Paso, Texas

Another female singer that had a stalker was none other than Shakira. On January 9, 2024, it was reported that the 56 year old man from El Paso, Daniel John Valtier, was arrested in Miami after allegedly sending multiple gifts to Shakira's home. He also made many posts online claiming that she was "his wife". Many became shared thanks to various news sources.

Mark David Chapman was from Fort Worth, Texas

Yes the one who stalked John Lennon, Mark David Chapman, was a native from Fort Worth, Texas. After getting an autograph from John, Mark would return to The Dakota Apartments & shoot John Lennon twice in the back, twice in the shoulder. John Lennon would die on December 8, 1980 with Mark remaining at the scene of the crime.

Mark would be charged with second-degree murder & is currently serving a life sentence.

You don't have to be a famous celebrity to be stalked either. Anyone can fall victim...

Special Mention - Kathryn Dettman

The story of Kathryn Dettman is a sad one; she was a news reporter from Los Angeles California, who was working for KWTX in Temple, Texas. A man named Anthony Gary Silvestri broke into her home, stabbing her over a dozen times with a knife. Anthony is currently serving a sentence of over 40 years to life. Today there's a website dedicated to the memory of Kathryn Dettman; she was 36 years old.

So make sure you have your phone out there; and please show your apprecaition for celebrities from a distance.

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