The Rougarou is out there and one Acadiana area group wants to help you find him or her.

Acadiana Adventure Guides have put together what sounds like an amazing experience. It's a kayak experience they're deeming the "Search for the Rougarou," where you and your friends will go on a thrilling nighttime swamp tour.

The search will take place at Lake Martin in St. Martin Parish on Friday, June 7, 2024, and there will be two tours that evening.

The "Evening Explorers" group tour will begin at 8:00 pm while the "Moonlight Mystics" group will begin their tour at 11:00 pm.

According to a Facebook post about the event, it seems that more people are concerned about mosquitoes than actually running across one of the most vicious monsters of the swamp.

"the mosquitoes though!"

"What are the recommendations regarding mosquitoes?"

But we digress...


Acadiana Adventure Guides and Wanderlust Rentals are putting it on. They wrote the following on their website about the night's activities:

Dear Adventurer,

We got word that the Rougarou is out and about in the swamp right now so we went to investigate and tried to spot it but we had no luck. So this time, we're going during peak Rougarou wandering hours to try again and we want your help. Ready your flashlights and get your adventure crew together and join us on a leisurely paddle at Lake Martin in search of the infamous and mysterious Louisiana Rougarou.

Acadiana Adventure Guides
Acadiana Adventure Guides


Tickets are available for both times at this link.

P.S. If you find the Rougarou, we'd like pictures.

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