Sunday afternoon the New Orleans Saints hosted the Detroit Lions in the Caeser's Superdome in New Orleans. It wasn't the best of times for the Saints who spotted the Lions a 21-point lead. Only to claw back throughout the game and make the final score respectable. The Lions did win but instead of 21-0 as it was at the end of the first quarter the Saints only lost by a score of 33 to 28.

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In yet another "loss" for the Black and Gold, often-injured quarterback, Derek Carr was injured again. This time Carr was removed from the game in the fourth quarter following a hit by Detroit's Bruce Irvin. Irvin was penalized on the hit for driving the weight of his body into the quarterback. Carr left the game with what was described as back, shoulder, and head injuries. The seriousness of those injuries and Carr's potential return to the team have not been discussed.

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But probably the sickest moment of the game, not counting the first quarter if you're a Saints fan, came during the second quarter. The Saints had the ball and were driving after finally punching the ball in for a touchdown on their previous drive. Derek Carr made a pitch to Alvin Kamara who took the ball around the left end. Kamara was forced out of bounds and unfortunately, that is where the gruesome injury took place.

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We have a video from the hit posted below. I will caution you. It's very graphic and if you're squeamish I wouldn't look.

Here's what happened. As Kamara was forced out of bounds a member of the NFL's chain gang crew was hit in the leg below the knee as he attempted to move out of Kamara's path. The result of the blow injured the chain-gang worker's leg. He was carted off the field and play resumed with one fewer person on the sideline crew. has identified the injured sideline worker as Nick Piazza. According to the story, Piazza suffered a dislocated knee and is not expected to need surgery. At last report, Piazza was recovering at a New Orleans area hospital.

Here is the incident. Watch at your own risk.

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