This is one of those stories that you think has to be fake, but alas, it is a true story from the heartland of America. In Nebraska, people weren't dreaming about a bull in the front seat.

Imagine you are driving down the road, and you see a man driving his car on a street, but the whole thing is very strange because there is a bull riding shotgun in the front passenger's seat!

How does this happen? Well, USA Today reports that the owner of the bull is Lee Meyer, and the bull's name is Howdy Doody. We must also share with you that in and on the car was plenty of "doody".

Here is the video:

When police officials in Norfolk, Nebraska kept getting calls about a cow riding in the front seat of the car, none of them could really appreciate the situation until they came upon Meyer's vehicle.

More incredible? This is not the first time that Meyer and Howdy Doody have gone viral. The dynamic duo also went viral back in 2019 when he took his bull for a ride during a parade in Antelope County.

Now, lucky for Meyer, he received multiple warnings, but no citations. He was told to immediately take his friend home.

You have to love America, right?! A guy just riding around with his bull buddy on the freeway. As John Cougar Mellencamp famously sang, "Ain't that America to you and me".

Check out how this car is configured so that the bull can actually fit in it.

News Channel Nebraska reported,

A yellow, metal cattle gate has been installed as a passenger side door, allowing Doody to be tied up.


Rhonda, Lee's wife, says Lee got this bull when the bull was around six months old. She says they are friends. He says they have had this bull for about nine years now.

She also told radio station US92 that her husband is in high spirits even though he was pulled over by police.

"Oh, he's fine. Lee thinks he's a movie star."

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