Football is one of the all-time greatest pastimes for anyone who lives here in Louisiana. Okay, maybe that's exaggerated it because I'm sure not everyone loves football, but so many people do.

One thing that Ragin Cajun fans love is their football. With our football at Cajun Field, there are some great traditions we practice.

Where Do I Park for the Game?

Here are some of the things that make all sports, especially football, so memorable at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Who doesn't love our fight song and cheers?

The Ragin' Cajuns Fight Song

Fight on, Cajuns, fight on to victory

For the Red and White,

We sing of triumph and glory,

For our team tonight,

You will hear the rage of the Cajuns,

So let's give a yell, (aiyee)

Hustle up and bustle up and Fight on to victory - go UL!

Check Out the Louisiana Ragin Cajun Football Hype Video

Yeah Rouge

Yeah rouge

Yeah Blanc

Yeah Cajuns


Hot Boudin 

Hot boudin

Cold cush cush

Come on Cajuns

Push! Push! Push!

In addition to the great song and cheers, there are things that happen at our tailgating that are part of the fabric of the football experience at Cajun Field.

Cajun Walk

At around 5 o'clock on game day, everyone lines up along Stadium Drive for the Cajun Walk. The players will be walking along Stadium Drive, and you get your chance to see them up close and cheer them on. The team comes off of the buses at Gate A at Cajun Field.

Drumline at Russo Park

While tailgating don't miss the Drumline at Russo Park which gets started at 5:45 p.m. this Saturday. It's inspiring and shows how supportive everyone is for the Ragin Cajuns. Your heart will be thumping.

Pregame Pep Rally at Russo Park

At 6:45 p.m. be ready to yell and scream for your Louisiana Ragin Cajuns at the pep rally before the game. The event happens right before the game. It'll happen in front of Russo Park.

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Ragin March

Make sure you don't miss the Ragin March of players that takes place at 6:35 p.m. on Saturday. Get ready and show your support for our Cajuns.

 First Down

The first down for every Cajuns offense play they have the PA announcer say, "It's another Louisiana First Down.

Now, I tried to do my best to share all the football traditions that I could find or think of, but if you can think of something I missed, please feel free to share it with me. Email me at

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