Louisiana State University has produced some of the best athletes in the world and former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow was asked to name his Mt. Rushmore of LSU athletes.

When you think of LSU sports we often think of football, basketball, and baseball, but so many GREAT athletes at LSU participated in sports like Gymnastics, Track and Field, Softball, and other sports.

So, it would be difficult to just identify four of the best athletes of all time from LSU, but Brurrow gave it his best shot, and yes he included himself in the list of the top-4 of all time.

While thinking about it, Joe said the best four athletes ever from LSU are, in his opinion, Shaquille O'Neal, Pete Maravich, Odelll Beckham Jr., and himself.

Auburn v LSU
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Of course, this started an online debate amongst fans, and that's fine because there are many more that could be placed on the Mt. Rushmore of LSU.

Check out this video and think about your list, would it resemble Burrow's? I'll just say in recent years, a few LSU Baseball players should be considered for this prestigious honor.

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