A football drill conducted by some coaches has many in the "football world" saying that this is too much for kids.

As you can see below, one kid has the football, while the other comes around an obstacle and attempts to make a tackle.

Well, the kid with the ball lowers his head runs completely over the defender. In the time we're in, many are saying that this is not smart and that it is simply reckless to allow kids to practice like this.

And you know what, I agree with those calling for these coaches to be suspended from their coaching duties.

The NFL, college football, and even high school football have been very proactive as of late when it comes to ensuring the safety of players.

What these coaches did here put kids at risk and I hope the kid in the video below isn't injured or now discouraged from the sport.

There is NO reason this drill was allowed to happen. Check it out here and let us know what you think.

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