The Hawks wanted to do something special for Martin Luther King Day, so they decided to let a choir bring down the house.

Instead of blaring hip hop beats through the speakers, they let the choir fill the stadium with some glorious sound to accompany the hype man. Hallelujah, it was brilliant.

With pop singers and other musical artists getting most of the calls for National Anthems and other gigs at sports events, it was refreshing to see a choir handle things on such an important day.

Why don't more teams have choirs more often? Atlanta needs to bring this back, as much as humanly possible. I could listen to these intros every game.

What if a choir announced your name like that every time you went to work? Epic, right?

For MLK Day, Atlanta did things right. This is a tradition we can all get behind. The NFL should take a hint when it comes to letting teams be creative every once and a while...

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