The Philadelphia 76ers released a statement Thursday stating that they were parting ways or allowing General Manager Bryan Colangelo to resign in disgrace. In addition, after the conclusion of their investigation into the matter they've found out who was behind the burner Twitter accounts:

Ms. Barbara Bottini was the one behind the four burner accounts, Bottini is of course the wife of Bryan Colangelo. Here's what Colangelo had to say regarding the situation:

So, according to Colangelo he had absolutely no knowledge of the four burner Twitter accounts that his wife was running to oddly support and defend her husband/rip on core players involved with the franchise. The next question is, if he didn't divulge sensitive information, how did Bottini obtain that information regarding medical issues with specific 76ers players. Will either of them face penalty of the law?

Head Coach Brett Brown will be taking over General Manager responsibilities on an interim basis. Here's the press conference that the 76ers held today with coach Brett Brown and Owner Josh Harris:

We'll see what shakes out from here and who will become the next General Manager of the team, they say it's going to be a slow process interviewing internal and external candidates.


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