Over the years we've heard about many athletes' battles with drugs. One in particular that we know much about is former Laker Lamar Odom due to his public relationship with Khloe Kardashian. Well, Odom was on the Club Shay Shay Podcast where he told a funny story to Shannon Sharpe about how he faked a drug test. But not just any old drug test, no he faked a drug test for the Olympics.

Odom stated that he used a fake penis that held the fake urine that he used to pass the test. He stated that he turned his back so whoever was in charge of the test couldn't see and he proceeded to do the deed. Odom said that he had to fake it because it was always a dream of his to play in the Olympics; however, he stated that that was the only time that he faked a drug test.

It's crazy to know that at the highest level of sporting events, a worldwide tournament where every section of humanity is represented couldn't catch a fake drug test. It makes me ask two questions now. Question one is, how common is it for athletes to fake a drug test? And two, did they just let him pass? Both questions can lead to seriously concerning answers. Because if anyone can fake a test then how do we know performance-enhancing drugs aren't in play at the Olympics? And two if they let him pass then who else are they letting get away with bad tests? Even though this is a funny story the implications are huge.

For Lamar Odom, it's a good thing that he is winning in his battle with addiction being that he has been sober for a while now. But what interests me is, will the Olympics release a statement, or will this happen to get the US bronze medal revoked? Either way, the Olympics should comment.

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