Majority of championships have one major thing in common when it comes to post-game celebrations, and that’s cigars. Think about it, there are countless photos and videos of players from almost every sport smoking a celebratory cigar after bringing home the title. Some of these have gone viral and will forever be a part of sports History. From Joe Borrow winning the national championship in New Orleans to Michael Jordan winning the NBA finals, all of these photos live in the minds of sports fans everywhere.


Ferris State wanted to have its shining moment after winning the Division II football championship in December of 2022. Two players decided to smoke celebratory cigars after collecting their second-straight title. The program is now facing backlash from the NCAA as the player lit the cigars in a non-smoking room. The NCAA decided to take action on the matter and delivered the following penalties.

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The University must pay $15,383 for the damages as well as the repairs and cleaning needed. The NCAA handed down an additional $2,500 as well as a public reprimand. Lastly and certainly the most notable, Ferris State’s head coach will serve a suspension. Tony Annese will have to serve a one-game championship competition suspension, meaning he will not be allowed to coach in the team’s next playoff game.


Annese released a statement on Thursday saying that he takes responsibility for his team’s actions and he understands the concerns raised by the NCAA. The 10-year head coach said he made sure to remind his team that smoking was not allowed in the locker room the entire week leading up to the game. The committee noted that this punishment wasn’t based on this isolated incident and the program has had other cases of misconduct before. Ferris State tried to appeal the suspension saying that the punishment but it was denied. Do you feel like this is a fair punishment?

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