The Ed Reed situation with Bethune-Cookman has gained traction from major news networks and talking head shows. One show that discussed Reed, was Undisputed with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Sharpe went on a long diatribe that Reed didn't appreciate. Reed considered what Sharpe said as misinformation and told him to put the Hennessy bottle down.

Reed definitely went as close to the line as you can, but in my opinion, he crossed it. There were better ways to handle the situation if you think what Shannon Sharpe said was wrong, then message him personally and he would maybe change his story. But instead, you look like the stereotypical angry black man. When in reality Reed's message is very important but he didn't stop at his Instagram live comments. He went on, on social media getting into Sharpe

And now you may lose an ally in Shannon Sharpe who can actually spread the message. But if you believe he never was then in your defense I may understand where the anger stems from at that point. However, it should be about the kids and you should've gone about it in a better way because it's about the kids.

My mom always told me it's not what you say, it's how you say it. And the way Reed handled himself wasn't the best. When the message is important you have to find a way to convey it so everyone can understand and you can't let your passion overtake you. Hopefully, Reed's message isn't lost because the kids of Bethune-Cookman can use help.

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