When it comes to boxing, one name carries the sport right now. And no it is not Canelo Alvarez, it is Jake Paul. After his win over Anderson Silva, everyone wonders what's next for Paul. Will it be a real boxer, another UFC fighter, or another YouTuber? Well, it's none of the above; it looks like it will be kickboxer Andrew Tate.

After a year of infamy, Andrew Tate went from unknown to one of the most hated in the world. This fight will garner so much attention if it does happen due to the fact that both fighters are not loved, and shoot people don't even like them. Tate comes with a high level of kickboxing; however, this is another opponent who isn't a real boxer for Paul.

Paul seems to be continuing his blueprint of choosing fights that he knows he can win. His fights almost seemed as staged as his brother Logan's in the WWE. And with this Tate fight, it's no different.

Who would've thought that the timeline would give us Top G vs the Disney Channel star? No matter what happens in the ring, the entertainment will come from the lead-up to the fight. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and watch the clown show.

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