Everyone is battling flies this summer and some are going the distance when it comes to repelling the pests.

The latest trend on social media suggests that you put a bar of Ivory Spring soap outdoors and it will have flies turning around.

So I ask, does this really work, or is this just another social media ploy? I did some reading and I am here to tell you that the bar of soap will NOT repel flies.

As a matter of fact, I know of someone who is battling flies at their home and they've tried this latest hack and it has certainly not worked.

According to Snopes, "We have not found any credible studies or experiments documenting whether hanging a bar of Irish Spring Soap effectively repelled flies. In fact, the only unofficial experiment found appeared to show the exact opposite."

If you need help getting rid of flies in your home or around your home here are a few helpful tips.


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